Custom built robots.
Superior web automation.
Zero licensing fees.

Built to scale for any task, and powered by the open-source movement, 80bots handles your tedious work so you don't have to.

Supercharge your productivity by automating tedious tasks and make time for things that matter.

80bots is an open-source platform that allows companies to deploy bots to automate virtually any routines currently being done manually. With a digital workforce, business owners and employees can reduce time spent on repetitive work, and more energy on hitting milestones and growing revenues.

Be More Efficient. Everyday.

Human-Bot Copiloting

Your bots work alongside you seamlessly, only alerting you when your input is needed. There is no need to micromanage.

Advanced Bot Detection Avoidance

Our bots can bypass some of the most difficult bot detection systems, enabling them to work just as a human would.

Deploy Anytime, Anywhere

Being cloud native, and with advanced features such as scheduling and parallel processing, you decide when and where to deploy your bot workers.

Open-Source Freedom

80bots is open-source. There is no need to pay ongoing licensing fees or be locked into a closed ecosystem.

“80bots helped us to reduce our time spent in sifting through data, and more time towards growing our business. This is a game-changer for us, and we're glad to have found them!“
Jane Kline Product Manager, ProVision

Web Automation Made Easy

You don't have to be a robot to understand web automation! At 80bots, our approach is simple.
  • 1
    Find the right use case

    We consult with you to build a use case based on your industry, function and other requirements.

  • 2
    We build and train the bots

    We build the bots based on your criteria and test it on actual data from your everyday processes.

  • 3
    Deploy & see real value

    Your bots are deployed. See them working in real time and bringing in real value immediately.

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