Web3 Automation Redefined.

80bots is the first Web3 RPA (Robotic Process Automation) system.


Alpha release

ABOUT 80bots

Powerful Tools for Blockchain Automation

80bots is an advanced suite of web automation bots to supercharge NFT flipping and crypto trading. Automate useful trading tasks with an easy-to-use interface. Your data is stored encrypted on your client and never leave it. 


Why choose 80bots over other bot services?


Not just one or two bots, but an extensive range of bots to help you gain the advantage in your daily crypto trading.

Easy to Use

Get full-fledged analytics on bot activity via the event-logs, through an easy to use interface.

No Limits

Create as many tasks as you want, 80bots will process your task queue at a high thoroughput.

Advanced Features

More features to come such as multi-marketplace support, scheduled bidding, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


80bots is currently in Early Access. Our first series of bots is tailored for NFT trading, with more features coming soon. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates!

The beta release of 80bots will only support Opensea, but we have plans to onboard other major marketplaces.

80bots is current in beta testing, and is free to use for now. After Early Access, pricing will be at a monthly fee.

Signing up for the Early Access program is easy, simply fill out our website form, and instructions will be emailed to you.

The full version of 80bots is targeted for release in Q3 2022. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates!

80bots is available on both Windows and MacOS, and requires a license key.

Security is one of the most important aspects of the 80bots platform, and we take every measure to protect the user. However, we cannot babysit you, and you should always observe safe practices when trading.

To make NFT offers or bids on your behalf, you’ll need to configure at least one Ethereum-compatible Wallet with its private key. We strongly recommend creating a new wallet for this, with only limited WETH stored on it (just enough to make sure 1-2 bids can be accepted). However, the private key will always remain encrypted on your client and only stored there. Never share your private key outside of the 80bots application.

Yes, all bot Tasks are stored on your client and you can pause/resume your Tasks anytime in the future. Event logs about every offer or bid are also stored in the logs which will provide full records of successful bids and offers.

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