Supercharge your productivity by automating tedious tasks.
Make time for things that matter.

80bots is an open-source robotic process automation (RPA) platform that allows businesses to build, deploy, and scale bots. Scalability and speed are natural fundamentals of 80bots and most tasks can be automated for any business, big or small, from any industry.

Every company, team and department has to deal with repetitive tasks, which are time-consuming, but essential to running a business. From generating reports, to cross-referencing data, or uploading product information, all these are just some examples of tasks that take up a chunk of your time or that of your employees.

80bots allows you to build a digital workforce of bots to automate these tedious processes, and free up your time for more strategic high-level work. Simply identify the tasks that are bogging you down everyday, and we work with you to come up with a bot that would automate these routines. You have full ownership and control of the bots you built, with the 80bots team being on standby 24/7 to provide ongoing support.

Best of all, there is no limit to what 80bots can help you achieve. If you can think of a task that can be done online, then chances are, we can build a bot to do it for you. And the bottom line is, your digital workforce will do it better and faster than any intern or virtual assistant!

80bots optimises human-bot copiloting
Your bots work alongside you when launched, only alerting you when they run into something that requires your input or intervention. There is no need to micromanage otherwise.

80bots has advanced bot detection avoidance
Our bots can bypass some of the most difficult bot detection systems in the world, enabling them to work just as a human would.

80bots can be run anytime, anywhere
You can launch as many bots on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as required, all of them working in parallel, or scheduled as needed. Your bot workforce can be controlled from any location through a real-time VNC connection, allowing you to be untethered from your desk but remaining productive.

80bots’ parameters are adaptive
Companies grow, and tasks change. The bots that you built can be upgraded to scale with the complexity of your tasks.

Your data is safe with 80bots
80bots has built in privacy controls to ensure that the data collected by your bots cannot be intercepted by third-parties.

80bots does not lock you in
80bots is open-source and does not lock you into an expensive ecosystem where your support options are limited. The bots built are owned wholly by you.

Web automation is changing the way businesses work.
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