With thousands of possibilities,
what can 80bots build for you?

80bots is built to scale to any task, no matter how big or small, or from any industry. If you can think of a time-consuming process, we can program a bot to handle it for you. Below are some areas in which 80bots’ RPA solutions redefine the traditional approach for improved efficiency and results.

Accounts & Legal

Document verification, information
lookup, KYC

Real Estate

Development site searches, lease
and tenant management

Finance & Investment

Market sentiment analysis, trading analysis, mortgage lending

Hotels & Tourism

Reservations, feedback on hospitality services, loyalty programs, reputation management


Product listing updates, mechandising
audits, price matching


Document verification, plagiarism checks,
staff onboarding

If you can do it online, your bots can help with it.
With these possibilities, what would you build?